Hi, finally I decide to write again on my blog. I cannot believe that I will graduate soon and leave my campus, ITB. Actually, I don’t think it was an easy journey. There were lots of twists and turns of life since I decided to continue my study there. And today, I would like to reassemble my memories started with my first-year experience in ITB.

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

I chose School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in the first year. As you guys know, first, in ITB we only choose the faculty or school we want. At the end of the year, we can choose the major we desire to take. If you ask why I chose SEEI, simply because people say that this school is one of the best school in ITB, and I felt challenged. Haha no no of course not. I chose this school because I previously thought that I love something like programming and tweaking the computer, and I don’t like to work outdoors. So I believe this school is the most appropriate place for me. Is it true that my choice is right?

TPB Life

In ITB, there is a phase called TPB (Tahap Persiapan Bersama). In this phase, all of us from all faculties or schools have to study “basic knowledge”, to equalize the quality of the new students. There are some mandatory subjects that must be completed, including Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Sports, English, Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Engineering and Design, and Procedure of Scientific Writing. I don’t completely agree with the purpose of TPB phase. Why should I study about chemistry that has no relation to the major I want? Yes, I hate chemistry that much. Thank God there is no biology.

Furthermore, I really hate sports. I’m not good at it. And you know, there are only two kinds of sport in this subject, running and swimming. I like swimming but I’m not a good swimmer. But for running, oh I want to wave my hands to the camera. I am physically very weak. I often went to the hospital because I was too tired of doing something. But the percentage of running is bigger than swimming for the assessment of this subject. Poor me. Please don’t ask the result I got.

As an SEEI student, I had to take two mandatory subjects from this school, Introduction to Electric Circuit and Basic Programming. These subjects showed us what kind of major we should take. I really confused with the electric circuit. I sometimes thought that my logic cannot reach to everything related to the electric circuit. I also realized that I hate programming. I often asked myself, do I deserve to be called SEEI student?

If you ask my grade in TPB phase, I can say it is not as good as the other years, but it is not bad either for me alhamdulillah.

Non-Academic Life

In my first year, I decided to join LFM (Liga Film Mahasiswa). I strongly believed that LFM would be a good place to develop my hard skill and soft skill. The selection processes were very long and exhausting, but I enjoyed it (sometimes). I forced myself to stay in this unit because I have left the other units to survive in this unit. In the end, I have been inaugurated (conditionally) to be the member of LFM. After that, I realized something. I realized why I often felt uncomfortable. It was because there are basic life principles from myself that didn’t match with this unit’s culture. So I chose to disappear (I’m so sorry my friends I’m not a good member).

Despite every challenge I got in this phase, I have a lovely family that welcomes me from the very first time I entered this campus. I called it Karang Praga. Karang Praga is ITB students association from Semarang and surrounding areas. Karang Praga can cure my longing for my hometown. People there talk in Javanese, so I felt more familiar with the atmosphere. We often studied together for test preparation (but still I read the book several days before the test).

What’s Next?

At the end of the year, I had to choose the major I want to take. I was very confident with my choice. I chose Information System and Technology. The reasons? First I want to learn about business and management. Second, I like designing. Third, I hate electric circuit. And fourth, I dislike programming (but still I have to).

And again, I asked myself, is it the good decision for me to take this major?

And here Nindy with some of her TPB’s friends, Veby, There, and Fae.


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